PALGAL plastic industries will cultivate and maintain its position as a leader in the manufacture of piping for the conveyance of water and waste, electricity ducts, unique profiles and related products.

PALGAL shall continue to maintain its position as a leader in the field of supplying solutions to water infrastructure and electricity contractors.

Our Mission
To confront the challenges of customers’ requirements in Israel and the world, to provide them with a creative and competitive response, comprehensive, uncompromising and reliable solutions and services.

Our Values

  • Environment - We are committed to preserving the environment and the health of our customers and employees of the factory.
  • Employees - We respect all factory employees and recognize our mutual need for security, health and success.
  • Innovation - We encourage employees to initiate and suggest innovative ideas and creative solutions as well as to take responsibility for the consequences of these activities.
  • Constant Improvement - We work to improve processes and actions while streamlining operations so that the actions will be better performed and be more successful.
  • Technology - We are committed to supplying the factory with the resources required for technological development that will build and strengthen our business space.
  • Ethics - We are fair, consistent, keep promises and commitments, both business and personal.
  • Safety - Safety for us is a priority and constitutes the core of all activities of the factory.


We are committed to Standard ISO 2008:9001 and constant improvement in –

  • Customer Satisfaction
    • Minimum layers of management and support for employee training.
    •    Focus on activities that add value and avoid unnecessary and wasteful actions.
    •    Effectiveness and efficiency in performing actions that contribute value to the factory.
    •    Teamwork and departmental efficiency.
    •    Objective measurement of performance, correction of mistakes and errors.
    •    Utilize the quality control system at all stages of production.
    •    We are committed to supplying appropriate products and the accompanying requirements.


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