PALGAL is a leading company in the plastics industry specializing in the manufacture of household piping, infrastructure piping, ducts and profiles. The company was established more than 40 years ago by members of Kibbutz Hephzibah, and today is part of the Gaon Group, Middle East Pipes. PALGAL is considered to be one of the most professional and quality factories in Israel in the field of extrusion for manufacturing plastic pipes and profiles. Due to its decades of experience, human capital, stringent quality assurance and service orientation, PALGAL has determined a high standard for Israeli industry in blue and white manufacturing.

Among the company’s circle of customers are plumbing contractors, infrastructure contractors, planners, engineers-consultants, wholesalers, stores, distributors, water corporations, public institutions and others. The company's products serve in diverse applications in industry and, among other things, are integrated in projects of national infrastructures. PALGAL works with large organizations, including the Israel Electricity Company, the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Housing, the hotel branch and others. The company has an extensive catalog and the capability to produce tailor-made products according to the customer’s requirements.

PALGAL and its products are certified by the Standards Institution of Israel and comply with the most stringent standards at the international level. The Quality Assurance Department at the factory encompasses all company activities, both in terms of the standard of work, as well as in terms of auditing and external supervision. Together with the expansion in the Israeli market, the company’s export department operates primarily with the European market. The PALGAL factory is ISO:9001 certified.

The PALGAL Factory
The PALGAL factory extends over an area of ​​about 10 dunams and is located at the entrance to Kibbutz Hephzibah. The company places emphasis on state-of-the-art equipment and the factory operates 10 production lines utilizing cutting edge technology. PALGAL operates three work shifts (24 hours a day) and offers one of the highest manufacturing capacities in the industry. The various departments at the factory complement one another, and include management, sales, customer service, maintenance, procurement and finance, export, quality assurance, engineering and development.

The company staff numbers about 40 employees from all sectors of society in Israel, with most of them living in the north and regarding PALGAL as a reliable and stable livelihood. PALGAL’s social perception advocates providing an opportunity to people with disabilities and integrating them as equals into the company's human capital.


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