Galnur- FlameGuard®

Galnur-FlameGuard® is a piping and fittings system for sprinkler fire extinguishment systems. The system is manufactured from from CPVC, which is a thermoplastic material and is ideal for its purpose with piping and fittings with diameters of ¾” – 3”. Galnur-FlameGuard® piping is certified under Standard NFPA-13 and UL/FM and as such is also authorized by the Standards Institution of Israel for use, in accordance with IS 1596.

Piping is connected using adhesive. The Galnur-FlameGuard® system is intended for installation in sprinkler systems in low risk areas (Light Hazard) and residential, in concealed installation above a lowered ceiling or in a side cornice installed in the home, as well as open installation.

One important advantage of the system is the hydraulic friction coefficient (C = 150), which is significantly lower than in steel pipes. After the hydraulic calculation it is possible to save on piping diameters and to suggest a smaller diameter than that planned for metal piping. This saving will be expressed in reduced costs of material required for installation as a whole.

Major  Benefits

  • Completely corrosion resistant in all weather conditions.
  • Light system weight and low shipping costs.
  • Simple and easy installation.
  • Minimal use of tools is required.
  • Low friction coefficient C = 150.
  • Rapid and simple installation saves time.
  • Made from self-extinguishing material.

Extended lifespan.


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